Carl & Dana Block, Founders

Carl and Dana Block

Jump At Life was founded by Carl Block and inspired by his daughter, Dana Block- who is truly an inspiration to us all. The story of our charity begins on February 14 th,  2012 when 18 year old Dana was diagnosed with a left sided temporoparietal brain tumor. She was treated at Barrow’s Neurological Institute where the tumor was removed through a surgical procedure.

Two years later, Dana suffered a tumor recurrence; with the prognosis looking very bleak, Dana decided to accomplish something big off her “bucket list”: skydiving!

She was at once freed from the heavy burden of her aggressive tumor. Carl immediately saw the positive effect that skydiving had on his daughter.  Carl formed Jump At Life in 2014 and has been the main driving force and passion behind the creation of this charity. Truly created out of a father’s love, Jump At Life aims to bring the peace and freedom that Dana experienced to other people who are facing incurable malignant conditions worldwide.

Carl and Dana want to inspire everyone to jump at life!

We are honored to carry on in Dana’s loving memory after her passing in 2018.