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Whether you are an avid skydiver who lives for the sport or a “bucket list” jumper, you have known and experienced the joy and freedom of freefall. Sky Warriors is a non-profit who’s mission is to bring people of all ages with non curable malignant conditions the opportunity to “jump at life” via tandem skydive.

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Dana Block
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Jump At Life is a small organization run by those passionate about helping others. Read more about our team and our passions here!


Wise words from the Sky Warriors

“That was amazing…so cool!”

Lily Benefiel Sky Warrior

Lilly Benefiel SkyWarrior #5

Sky Warrior, 2019

“Justin is so excited. He is a true hero and has a sense of humor that is infectious to everyone around him. He has always wanted to go skydiving and now has something to look forward to during his treatments.”

We miss you Justin, Rest in Peace.

Brandy Boley, Mother of Justin Boley SkyWarrior #4

Sky Warrior, 2019

“A few weeks ago she came across a news clip from Arizona. It was about a father who started a charity with his daughter who loved life and is fighting the same monster. They started a charity to help other terminally ill catch their second wind by giving them an opportunity to tandem skydive. She was so happy with this she said she would love to try it, thinking I wouldn’t nominate her. LOL.

I nominated her and the next day Jump at Life was already back in touch with me to start working together to give Bekki the chance to skydive as a Sky Warrior. I thank you so much Carl and the Jump at life team for giving my love and rock Bekki this chance.”

We miss you Bekki, Rest In Peace.

Kathy Fricke

Leon Little, Partner of Bekki Roth SkyWarrior #3

Sky Warrior, 2019

“Dalton’s opportunity at having an impossible dream come true came in the form of the extraordinary mission of Jump at Life and a chance meeting with Carl Block. That is when Dalton’s dream became reality….Dalton would JUMP to prove that there is no limit!!!

Flying through the skies has changed his attitude about his life forever!  There are not enough words available to thank you!! There is no longer a ‘disability’, it has been replaced with the power of knowing that he has done what only 1% are brave enough to accomplish and with this in his heart “The sky is no longer a limit of what he can do!!”


Kathy Fricke, Mother of Dalton Fricke SkyWarrior #2

Sky Warrior, 2019

“I just want to share my gratitude and tell you thank you for everything you did for me during my first every skydiving experience. It truly was life-changing and couldn’t have come at a better time in my life…thanks for the safe jump. It’s not much but, the smiles and memories mean a lot to me.”

We miss you Geoff. Rest in Peace.

Anthony deGreef President

Geoffrey Chancey SkyWarrior #6


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