Justin Boley, Sky Warrior! No fear from 13,090ft AGL at Skydive Arizona!!!

24 year old Justin Boley to become Sky Warrior


Colorado Springs, Colorado – March 9. 2015


Justin Boley has never done anything the easy way. He came into this life fighting, born 3 months premature, and now at 24 years old, he is fighting for his life after being diagnosed with the most aggressive of brain cancers, Grade 4 Glioblastoma.  Due to the location of the tumor, surgery is extremely high risk and not recommended and there presently is no cure.


December 2014 Justin began experiencing headaches that would come and go. Shortly after a family vacation to Disneyland, Justin began acting very confused, dizzy and lost the ability to speak. His family took him to the Emergency Room quickly received a CAT scan. The scan showed a 4cm tumor near the center of his brain. He was admitted to the ICU with hydrocephalus as the tumor blocked the ventricles from draining causing swelling in the brain. After a successful ventricularostomy to drain the fluid and biopsy, Justin was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma of the thalamus on Valentine's Day, just a few days after his birthday on Feb. 11th.


Justin’s mother, Brandy Boley started reaching out to brain cancer and glioblastoma support groups on Facebook where she came across a news story about Dana Block and how she, with her father, Carl Block, founded the Jump-At-Life foundation. “I was so inspired by Dana’s story,” states Brandy “I immediately went to the website and submitted a letter nominating Justin for a tandem skydive. I knew this was something that he would love as much as Dana.” Brandy received a response from Carl Block and the process was started.


“Justin is so excited. He is a true hero and has a sense of humor that is infectious to everyone around him. He has always wanted to go skydiving and now has something to look forward to during his treatments.”


Justin is currently undergoing radiation treatment and chemotherapy at Memorial Hospital – University of Colorado Health in Colorado Springs, CO. He is scheduled to complete his 6 week treatment plan on April 11th. If everything goes well and Justin is feeling well enough to travel to Arizona from Colorado, then Justin will experience his first tandem skydive on Saturday April 18, 2015 at Skydive Arizona. Justin will be there with his dad, Mark, mom, Brandy, and his older brother Daniel. The Boley family also have many friends and relatives in Arizona and some others who plan to travel to Arizona. They all want to be there at the drop zone (DZ) to celebrate Justin’s induction into the Sky Warrior family. 

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