Bekki's sensational Sky Warrior jump from 10,980ft AGL at Maytown Sport Parachute Club!

For Bekki the tattoo says it all. Fight like a girl! And that she does. I met this wonderful woman just over ten years ago.  Three weeks after we started dating she rolled her truck down an embankment, her lane was covered in ice. Instead of a night out our date was spent in the ER and together we found out she had an Astrocytoma grade II, a low grade brain tumor. From that moment on she has done nothing but fight, for her life, her family, and her three growing young men. Through the last ten years she has gone thru her first brain surgery, had a full hysterectomy to remove cervical cancer, and had basal skin cancer removed. Then in October of 2013 the monster reared its ugly head, a GBM grade IV brain tumor returned.


The first time she thought she just had headaches. If it would have not been for the accident she probably would never had found out she had a tumor until it was too late. This time it would be different. Over a two to three span she was dropping things from her left hand and forgetting things that she knew how to do days before. Damn! She was getting comfortable with being cancer free. Following a mass excision Bekki lost the use of her left arm, left leg, and forgot how to do other things the rest of us take for granted. Then she finished off her life's allowance of radiation treatment. She is now on her chemo for life unless they find a cure.


A few weeks ago she came across a news clip from Arizona. It was about a father who started a charity with his daughter who loved life and is fighting the same monster. They started a charity to help other terminally ill catch their second wind by giving them an opportunity to tandem skydive. She was so happy with this she said she would love to try it, thinking I wouldn't nominate her. LOL.


I nominated her and the next day Jump at Life was already back in touch with me to start working together to give Bekki the chance to skydive as a Sky Warrior. I thank you so much Carl and the Jump at life team for giving my love and rock Bekki this chance.


Thank you so much,


Leon, Bekki and the boys Kyle, Zachary, and Aaron.

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