President Anthony deGreef with Sky Warrior and Cancerous Brain Tumor Survivor Lilly Benfil on her Sky Warrior tandem skydive.

One Sky

Whether you are an avid skydiver who lives for the sport or a "bucket list" jumper- you have known and experienced the joy and freedom of freefall. Sky Warriors is a non-profit who's mission is to bring terminallhy ill young adults the opportunity to "jump at life" via tandem skydive. 


Sky Warriors and Cancerous Tumor Survivors Bekki Roth and Dana Block

Healing the Heart

Sky Warriors is a 501(c)3 dedicated to healing the hearts of terminally ill young adults by offering them a chance to "jump at life" via tandem skydive.

Lilly Benfil supported by Bekki Roth and Dana Block- all three Cancerous Brain Tumor Suvivors & Sky Warriors!

One Mission

Our Mission is to bring hope, joy and temporary freedom to those experiencing aggressive, terminal illness in any form. 


Sky Warriors does this by giving all expenses paid trips to one of our two skydiving locations and letting our recipents get the cance to jump at life via tandem skydive!

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